News and Activities

Annual Meetings INHPF annual meeting is a platform for the members, potential members and partners to exchange the experiences, lessons […]


Partners are private or public entities that have an explicit interest in the HPF Network’s activity and share its goals […]


Tobacco Act 1987, Victoria.$FILE/87-81a071.pdf Thai Health Promotion Foundation Act, B.E. 2544 Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation Act 2016 […]

Roles of HPFs

Role of a Health Promotion Foundation/Institute/Board/Administration varies country to country. For the detail functions and roles of HPF, please visit […]

Funding Mechanism

Earmarked taxes (surcharged/dedicated taxes) Tobacco and / or Alcohol tax ThaiHealth (2% each) Fiscal adjustments Austria (value added tax) Appropriation […]


The Governance and Purpose of the Fund A health promotion fund is mandated to promote and protect public health with […]

All about HPF

The three main health promotion foundation models are: an autonomous agency that is governed by an independent statutory body outside […]


Full members Annual Membership Fees Developed Countries 1,000 USD Developing Countries 500 USD Functions and duties of full members Full […]